Comparison Of Hephaestus And The Greek Gods

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Do you believe that you feel like your life is being controlled by someone, when you sail on a boat, feel winds push you down, or when it 's raining on your favorite day? Greeks believed this is happening by gods and goddesses controlling everyday life. Hephaestus had a large family, an ugly and lame appearance, and only one celebration for him.
Greek gods are known as the belief of the greeks. Greeks believed that apollo made shadows. Greeks believed when they die they will meet the god of the underworld. Many greeks also believed that Zeus was god of all. This is what we call mythology. Today I will tell about a god named hephaestus. Hephaestus gave the greeks fire, and he would do it for the greeks to celebrate the gods. To the greeks he is a man of fire accidents and disasters. But they always remember he gave them ability to the greeks to forge, ability of strength, ability of fire for our olympics to start it. The life of Hephaestus is lucky and royal.Hephaestus has two parents. The two are known as Zeus, king of gods and Hera, queen of gods. He also had 26 siblings most are girls. Hephaestus is married to the goddess of love, Adrdopite, but not in a bounding love. He also loved Algea in secret. Hephaestus has two uncles
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His important role is……. to light the fire! Every year we people from around the globe has this world wide sport which we call the olympics. The reason why the we have fire to start the game is that the ancient greeks believed that if they start the game with fire it would make window to earth to the heavens. They do this to entertain many gods, but seem to entertain the one god Zeus himself. The thing is if they do not start the game with fire then, the gods will notice especially Hephaestus A.K.A god of fire anyway, if they don 't start with fire the humans will perish over the broken laws and suffer the consequences. The thing is if those gods were real heed their
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