Comparison Of Hercules: Book Vs Movie

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Myth VS. Movie

I was always told that a book is better than the movie, and in the case of Hercules I disagree. The myth, The Adventures of Hercules by Edith Hamilton and the Disney movie Hercules are two very different versions of the myth. I personally preferred the movie version of this story, because it was a lot less violent. It had a more in depth love component, and it ended with a happy ending. When comparing both the movie and actual myth many differences appear. There are some similarities but, the two versions are drastically opposite from each other.
When comparing and contrasting the two, the myth from the actual book, is very violent, each of the twelve labors deals with something that's a little bit graphic for kid, so disney definitely took out a huge portion of the brutality. The main difference between the story, and the movie is the ending. Everyone likes a good happy ending, but for Edith Hamilton this was not the case. The author of the book really left the story with a punch, when it ended in sorrow. Hercules was madly in love with Deianira, but Jesus saw through the love. He gave Deanira a bottle of is blood and told her to give it to Hercules if he ever loved a woman more than her. Sure enough, this happened and Deianira sent him a robe with the
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Although different and more catered to kids, I felt that it is a better representation of the story in a more modern way. I did enjoy the story, but for me personally it was to brutal, and abrupt. What the deciding factor for me was the endings. I am a sucker for a good love story, and the movie really portrayed that. As mentioned above, in the book, Hercules was sent a potion of poison which soon left him in agonizing pain being left the only choice death, and I do not think that is the ideal way to end a story. So, if I had to pick my favorite variation of the myth, it would definitely would have to be the

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