Comparison Of Heroism In Shakespeare's Hamlet And The Lion King

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As a student, I come across readings/media and interpret them through their metaphorical meaning rather than its literal. My views may be critically opinionated, often times creating a scenario to where people decieve my true identity. When it comes to Shakespeare's notable play, Hamlet, my first instinct brings me back to my childhood: The Lion King. Both protagonists portray a sense of heroism. Hamlet, being my hero, shares a parallel journey to that of Simba of The Lion King as the two characters experience the deception of integrity with their antagonists. The difference however, the appearance of propriety to the actual reality of evil portrayed in Hamlet, compared to Simba’s introspection. By focusing on Hamlet’s conflict between self-interest…show more content…
The murderer: Hamlet’s uncle, King Claudius. “A serpent stung me...the serpent that did sting my father’s life now wears his crown” (Ghost Hamlet, 59). The lack of trust Hamlet now has for Claudius constructs an untrustworthy bond that insinuates his irrational disposition. While others vilify that Hamlet’s complexion is motivated by eagerness, students like myself do not hesitate to reproach Shakespeare's use of grief for Hamlet. Eventually, Hamlet’s goal is to seek revenge for his father; similar to that of famous DC comic book hero, Batman. Hush—a set of comic books for the Batman series— expresses his feelings with,“I made a promise on the grave of my parents that I would rid this city of the evil that took their lives” (Hush, DC Comics). Both characters are a parallel of each other as they embark on their necessary journey to seek revenge. For Hamlet, he commences the revenge of his father with the help of old school friend, Horatio. Although he does not directly influence the killing of King Claudius, Horatio is very beneficial when attending Hamlet’s edited version of the play “Mousetrap”. Prior to his performance, we see him advising Horatio to, “observe my uncle. If his occulted guilt…” (Hamlet, 141). Here,

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