Compare And Contrast High Noon And The Most Dangerous Game

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When talking about the genre of action and adventure High Noon and “The Most Dangerous Game” are at the top of mine and many other people’s list of favorite short stories. High Noon is a story based on a chaotic day in the life of Will Kane, that involves many similar plots, settings, and patterns to “The Most Dangerous Game” where the main character Sanger Rainsford is also fighting for his life. Many may read both publishings and find no similarities, but when you start to take the stories apart the similarities are breathtaking. One of the most important similarities between the short stories, High Noon and “The Most Dangerous Game”, are that of the plot. Both tales portray a very clear plot of the hunter becoming hunted. In the story…show more content…
This familiar theme is true in both publishing’s, making pattern a key similarity. After a long and dramatic fight to save the town from killers on a mission, Will Kane eventually was victorious. “Kane pulls himself together. He drops his guns in the street, takes off his gun belt and lets it fall. Deliberately, he takes off his badge and drops it to the dust” (Foreman 322). This quote symbolizes that Kane is victorious, and he is symbolically dropping his things. Of course, this pattern also continues in “The Most Dangerous Game”, “He had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford decided” (Connell 233). Earlier in the story, Zaroff exclaimed to Rainsford that if he won the game, he would get to sleep in his bed and get his entire house, well, sure enough, Sanger Rainsford won the game and we know this because he is sleeping in Zaroff’s bed. When comparing the short stories High Noon and “The Most Dangerous Game”, the similarities truly outweigh the differences. Whether it the plot, setting, or pattern there are so many times when you wonder, Are they the same story? All in all, the lesson you can learn from comparing these two publishings is that you cant judge a book by its cover and sometimes you have to look a little
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