Comparison Of Hillary Clinton And Sarah Palin

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Clinton vs. Palin Many women hardly ever get the opportunity to make a huge impact in society today. Those of them that do make it become well known public figures that establish themselves in medicine or politics. Among the few highly established women and well-known politicians are Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. As each woman portrays themselves as strong and independent spokeswomen, they differ in experience, hobbies, and political preference. Hillary Clinton differs from Sarah Palin in significant ways. Although the most obvious difference between the two are their political beliefs there is much more to each individual than just that obvious. Hillary Clinton was born October 26, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois. She attended Wellesley College…show more content…
A homegrown, back woods country girl. An obvious difference from Clinton is Sarah’s political views she is a republican. Sarah was born on February 11, 1964, in Sandpoint, Idaho. She married Todd Palin and had five children, one of which has Down syndrome. Prior to becoming the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah did not have any political influence under her belt like Hillary has. Later, Sarah became the Governor of Alaska and this is where her political aspect took notice. She became apparent when John McCain handpicked her in 2008 to become the first female to run for the Vice President of the United States of American. The nation went into a massive pandemonium when this became apparent. Contrasting with Hillary’s career, not many people were aware of Sarah Palin. A vast majority of Democrats and Independents did not agree with the choosing of Palin as the Vice-President runner. Many presumed that Sarah Palin was inexperienced in a political sense to be running for such a notorious office position. Notwithstanding the controversy’s Sarah Palin portrayed herself as a strong women and she did make her presence known. Despite being a broadcasted figure Sarah has not under gone much scrutiny than Hillary has; only because she has not been in the public eye too long. Unlike Clinton, Sarah is an active conservative and gun enthusiast. Sarah and her family are passionate wildlife hunters and keen religious people. Palin is also a Pro-Life advocate that she is very public about, Hillary on the other hand, is
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