Comparison Of Horror Stories By W. W Jacobs And Edgar Allan Poe

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Horror stories by W.W. Jacobs and Edgar Allan Poe write horror stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat due to their amazing use of suspense, thrill, and imagination. The authors W.W. Jacobs and Edgar Allan poe have become renown for their horror stories. This is due to their creativity and imagination and in the way they captivate you with their writing. In both horror stories "The-Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe and "The Monkey 's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs, they both use the cause and effect relationship to create suspense and interest in the reader, without this essential aspect of these two stories, the reader would quickly lose interest in these two writers literature.

In the horror story "The Monkey 's Paw", W.W. Jacobs, the author, uses how we imagine and fantasize about wishes and having what we want to keep us interested and entertained with the story. W.W. Jacobs uses suspense and imagination in his story to keep the reader interested and enveloped in his story. It creates suspense in the reader when he/she thinks about how he/she might be like the parents in the story where to get what they want, they would alter their own future. In W.W. Jacobs story, he showed the reader just how foolish and unsatisfied people can be, "He wanted to show that fate ruled people’s lives, and that those who interfered with it did so to their sorrow." lines 74-76 of "The Monkey 's Paw". This quotation is the background of the Monkey 's paw in the story "The Monkey 's Paw",
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