Comparison Of Insanity In A Rose For Emily And The Yellow Wallpaper

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Have you ever seen horror movies that introduce scary, and crazy serial Killers? When you think about it, murderers don’t just kill to kill, there is a reason to their acts. Most have a traumatic backstory that changed their life. The content the authors decided to use for the theme of the stories are how isolation affect people, the society against mental illnesses, and the mistreatment of women. Authors Charlotte Perkins and William Faulkner both adopt this macabre style to portray how insanity affects people with “The Yellow Wallpaper” & “A Rose For Emily”. Perkins and Faulkner both kept their protagonists with little social interaction throughout the story. The Unknown Narrator was isolated in her room for a medical treatment against depression.…show more content…
Also at the end of A Rose For Emily one citizen mentions “One of us lifted something from it, and leaning forward, that faint and invisible dust dry and acrid in the nostrils, we saw a long strand of iron-gray hair” was when they found out she had killed Homer Barron and slept with the rotting corpse. At this time both characters had snapped and the final spark was lit up. These two similar characters were driven insane throughout the story. One took weeks, the other years. However the longest the character was isolated, the greater effect it had on them. The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins uses insanity to portray the mistreatment of women and how the solutions people thought worked back then only made them worse. A Rose For Emily by William Faulkner brings up insanity as negative response to what society thinks or says about a certain person. The gossips and the rejection of Homer only made her commit murder. Readers can learn from this short stories to not be so judgmental against women, or believe in stereotypes that society portray. We never really know how much damage we make until it’s too late, but it can be
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