Comparison Of Jesus And The Bible In Killing Jesus

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Have you ever tried to fish without a line or a hook? Well in Elijah of Buxton, Elijah gets fish by throwing rocks at them when they jump out of the water. Elijah is part of a family of runaway slaves that came from southern USA to Canada. In Killing Jesus, the author writes about the life of Jesus and his death on the cross. This journal will consist of evaluating the difference between Killing Jesus and the Bible, connecting with how Elijah feels about fishing, and questioning why the Preacher is so manipulative.
In reading the book “Killing Jesus”, there are some differences between this book and the actual Bible. One of the differences is that in this book when they talk about the Last Supper, they don’t talk about turning the blood into wine. The Last Supper is portrayed as very negligible and written about very briefly in this book. Next, Killing Jesus doesn’t talk about how Jesus is denied by Peter three times. In the Bible when they were in the court finding out the fate of Jesus, three different people in the
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The Right Reverend Deacon Doctor Zephariah Connerly the Third teaches Elijah the importance of tithing, the act of giving ten percent of what you make. Instead of the preacher getting one out of the ten fish, the preacher coerces Elijah into giving him his three largest bass and largest perch. The Preacher also doesn’t follow through on promises he makes like letting Elijah shoot his mystery gun. Every time they go into the woods, the Preacher has an excuse why Elijah can’t shoot it that time. The first time they go into the woods, the Preacher said he ran out of ammunition so Elijah couldn’t shoot the gun. They went into the woods for a second time: “ ‘stead of shooting that silver-plate pistol, he gave me a old rusty one to fire”(Curtis 54). Overall, the Preacher has a way of manipulating and lying to

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