Julius Caesar Abraham Lincoln Analysis

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In my essay I will be providing a background for two people. The choices are Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln. I will be providing comparison of both men. First background will be Julius Caesar. And the second choice will be Abraham Lincoln. Back ground of Julius Caesar Its estimated that Julius Caesar was born in Rome on July 12 or 13 100 BC. When Caesar was 16 years old his father Gaius Caesar died, he was now the head of the family and he remained close to his mother. Aurelia and decided to make an effect to side with the country nobility. In 84 BC Caesar married his first wife Cornelia, the daughter of a nobleman. They have a daughter Julia Caesaris in 76 BC. In 69 BC, Caesar and his wife became divorced. Caesar married Calpurnia…show more content…
They both made an impact of the world and were great leaders. The both were deep into politics and military. When gaining power, they had made many enemies along the way. Caesar fought to have peace at Rome while Lincoln fought to have all the southern states to be free from slavery. They both won the wars they declared, and both lasted five years. Both were assassinated forsimilar reasons. Caesar was stabbed to death near the Theatre of Pomercy on March 15 because the senators want to maintain the Roman republic. Lincoln was killed and shot by John Wilkes Booth, on April 14, 1865, because Booth thought it would help the south. Both were influential leaders that many people looked up too. Abraham Lincoln before he was assassinated in 1865 he definitely left his mark on the world. Without his leadership people, today would not be where they are today. He was considered the greatest President of the United States. His action leads to the freeing of the slaves. Lincoln face appears on the penny and five dollar bills to remind us of the 16th president. Lincoln made himself a legend in American History with being poor life to begin, interest in his reading which lead to his education, his speaking skills, his humbleness and political ways. Julius Caesar was a great leader, and warrior. His heroic figure that everyone cherished, and loved. He made many friends along the way, and he had a close bond with Brutus but doesn 'trealize that Brutus has begun thinking that Caesar is gaining too much power and he must die. He had some flaws of his own, but he had made many legal changes for the people of Rome so they would have a better life. People still think of Julius as the leader and the face of Rome, as the years have passed. As a monumental, there is statue 's in
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