Comparison Of Julius Caesar And Abraham Lincoln

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Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln are two great past leaders whose legacy is still felt today. They are regarded as being among history’s greatest statesmen. Although from two radically different eras and locales, they have many similarities as well as differences. This paper will compare the things the great men had in common. Gaius Julius Caesar was born on approximately July 12, 100 BCE in Rome. His aristocratic family claimed lineage from the goddess Venus. Julius’s father Gaius was governor of a Roman province and his maternal grandfather was Consul of the Roman Republic. His father was involved in a bloody power struggle with Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix which led to his early death when Julius was 16. The young Caesar joined the Army to escape persecution from the dictator Sulla. He returned to Rome in 78 BCE after distinguished military service upon news of Sulla’s death. He then began a successful legal career as an orator and lawyer before being called back into military service. Julius then held advancing political positions as a military tribune, chief priest, and governor of Hispania. As governor, he defeated the warring tribes and brought stability to the region. Julius was appointed Consul to the Senate upon his return to Rome. Caesar proposed legislation for government reform and land redistribution to the poor. To gain further wealth and power, Julius Caesar then led troops to Gaul to defeat the tribes and become governor. This added the whole of modern
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