Comparison Of Kenneth Bancroft Clark And Cesar Chavez

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Kenneth Bancroft Clark and Mamie Phipps Clark were famous African American psychologists. This married team developed an interest in children, and conducted several researches as main activists in civil rights movements. The first black president of the American psychological association was Kenneth Clark, and the two have played a great role in the society. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez had something in common. They both believed in the power of peaceful and nonviolent protests in the quest of airing their views on certain societal issues. Martin Luther King Jr. was an activist and a humanitarian in a movement known an African American civil rights movement. Cesar Chavez on the other hand, was a labor leader and also a human rights…show more content…
King on the other hand, created social change through numerous movements and his outspoken nature. He always addressed his aspects reflecting on visions of a collaborative society. He consistently defended poor workers, and this is what led to his assassination in Memphis. Chavez built social movements and changed the nature of labor in the southwest. This made him to be regarded as the greatest organizer and leader in the history of the Americans. Kenneth and MaimeClark on the other hand greatly contributed towards societal change. They published books on racism to pass messages to the people, and strongly advocating against this practice.
Role of the media in their actions.
The media played a major role in the actions of Kenneth and Maime Clark, as well as martin Luther King Jr. and Chavez. Publishing reports and airing live events on issues represented by the activists was the major role played by the media(Frady, 2005). Broadcasts were made, pamphlets distributed and reports were also made accessible. Despite the political and social forces faced by the four leaders, the media tried to ensure that their claims are publicly heard, and that citizens and those they addressed were always updated with the upcoming issues especially of societal concerns.
Did they succeed in their lifetimes to create the change they were working
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