Comparison Of King Kong And Hollywood

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The movie ‘King Kong’ was a Hollywood film originally made in 1933 and quickly became a blockbuster movie. Because of this, in 2005 King Kong was remade and created a lot of controversy between the public due to the fact that parts of the movie were taken away as well added. King Kong 1933 was directed and produced by Merian C. Cooper and was a company production of RKO Radio Picture. This movie was the first full film to use stop motion, because of this the movie made significant statements in the media industry. King Kong in 2005 was directed by Peter Jackson and was a company product of Universal Studios, which is one of the largest Hollywood movie producers in the world. King Kong was remade in 2005 due to how popular it was in 1933. However,…show more content…
The women in the typical Hollywood movies in the 1930’s were always beautiful with kind hearts and always seen as the ‘damsel in distress’. One of the main characters, Ann Darrow, is portrayed as this in both King Kong movies. Particularly in the original movie, Ann Darrow played by Fray Way, was seen as the damsel in distress as the main issue of the movie Ann is kidnapped by King Kong. Although Ann is also kidnapped in the remake, her characteristics were altered which made her as if she could handle herself instead of being the typical damsel in distress. This shows how different the power of women is and how much the typical female has grown. In the original King Kong, Ann was petrified by King Kong and took her every chance to get away from him.…show more content…
Due to the clear advancement in the media industry the remake of King Kong obviously had better cinema graphics than the original. However, with this being said the original was the first of its kind and made history in the Hollywood film industry. To make the animals in the 1933 King Kong move and come alive, figure puppets with metal insides were made and snapshotted in different positions to use stop motion to give the illusion the puppet was alive and moving. Due to this, the production of the film was very time consuming as to get 10 frames it took a whole hour. With the movie being 2 and ½ hours long it is clear to see how long the movie would have taken to produce. “The processing power used to create the giant gorilla and integrate him into the live-action footage equals the combined efforts of about 15,000 well-equipped PCs.” (Julia Layton "How King Kong Works" 14 December 2005. 28 February 2016) The remake on the other hand being made in the 21st century has many new technical things that were involved to create the movie, things such as the graphics that are more advanced and realistic. To bring the creatures to life in the remake, programs such as computer animation and CGI. Both digitally generated used for both animals and also used for some background locations. Green screens were used through out
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