Comparison Of Krystyna's Story And The Butterfly

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In 1942, 7 year old Krystyna Chiger and 21 year old Pavel Friedman were forced with other Jews by Germans to be in the terrible place called the Ghetto. They all thought that they would be in there for a million years. While they were there in the Ghetto, European countries were being taken over by the Germans. One poem ( The Butterfly ) and one story ( Krystyna’s Story ) tell a lot of what they and other Jews went through. Krystyna had to live in the sewer with 20 Jews until the war was over and Pavel had to die to get of the Ghetto but the only thing that could go was a butterfly laughing at them. This poem ( The Butterfly ) and the story ( Krystyna’s Story ) has many differences and similarities that were about WWII. The poem ( The Butterfly

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