Comparison Of London's London And London By William Blake

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The two poems, “London’s Summer Morning” by Mary Robinson and “London” by William Blake relate to the social world at the height of the industrial revolution in Europe. Blake focuses on all that is wrong about “London” with an emphasis on the plight of the less fortunate. On the other hand, Robison seeks to create a contrast between the affluent who enjoy being in London and the less fortunate who constantly endure the experience. In Blake’s “London”, every character or set of characters is undergoing great suffering or desolution. However, a close reading of the poem alongside an assessment of contemporary history will show that the London Blake is referring to is the same London that Robison is referring to with the only difference being perspective. Blake’s focus on the less fortunate is so great that they are all that he sees while Robison is open-minded enough to see the irony of pleasure in the middle of so much pain. In Robison’s “London Summer Morning”, beauty and ugliness, pain and pleasure, endurance and enjoyment all exist together. In some cases, they even exist in the same place and time. “The ruddy housemaid twirls the busy mop, Annoying the smart ’prentice, or neat girl” (Robison, Lines 18 and 19). In the quoted portion, the housemaid is busy doing what can be considered as unpleasant duty and with a lot of zeal. This is a representative of the lower ranks of the London workforce, mainly relegated to doing poor work by their backgrounds. On the
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