Comparison Of Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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1st paragraph + reasons - Families (Montague v.s. Capulet)
2nd paragraph + reasons - Physical v.s. Emotional Love
3rd paragraph + reasons - Age (18 v.s. 14)
Closing paragraph + reasons - Rap it up

Topic #3: Comparison of Love

After watching Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, it is blatantly obvious that Romeo stands as the resident playboy. Though he seems very much attached to Rosaline, he soon becomes infatuated with a 13 year old Juliet, his sworn enemy. It makes you wonder if he felt different types of love for the two ladies in his life - For Rosaline, Eros love, or erotic love; and for Juliet, Agape love, or Unconditional “God” love. Romeo’s love for Juliet is innocent and sweet compared to his love for Rosaline, who he is only physically and sexually attracted to. It is also possible that he took into account their families, what type of attraction he was feeling, or their ages.
Did Romeo feel that Rosaline was less of a challenge, seeing as she was not part of a main family, whereas Juliet would serve as a challenge, coming from the House of Capulet? At first, he seems set on the beautiful Rosaline; a beautiful girl who just so happens to be Juliet’s distant cousin. Rosaline on the other hand, is very much against this idea, since she had sworn off all men and basically treated Romeo like the dirt under her shoe. That did not dissuade Romeo; at the beginning of the play, we see him pining after her; complaining to his friend Mercutio about how she was playing
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