Comparison Of Macbeth And The Throne Of Blood

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Tania Greve
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2/26 2017
Macbeth and The Throne of Blood
The Throne of Blood and the play called, “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, which tThe Throne of Blood is based off of, have many things in common, mostly the personality of the characters but they also have many differences in plot and the background of the characters in tThe Throne of Blood it takes place in Japan and “The Tragedy of Macbeth”Macbeth takes place in Scotland. As the scenes change the characters change the differences between the characters in tThe Throne of Blood and “The Tragedy of Macbeth”Macbeth become more drastic.
The first scene of the play with the witches were not a part of the movie. In the movie they skipped that part, and it went straight to the
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In the Movie Macbeth tells her in person and in the play she gets her knowlegde in a letter. In both the movie and the play Lady Macbeth plays a big part. She is the one sparking Macbeth’s dark desires, and drives him into following them, even though women might not have had a lot to say in that time period, Shakespeare wrote the play, she has a lot of control over him. For an example in act one scene 7, she tries to use him not being a man against him and Asaji does the same in the movie. And she uses her power multiple times in the movie and in the play, when she talks about him not being a man enough. She clearly holds this power over Macbeth in both the movie and the play. He clearly cares a lot about her opinion and she knows that and often takes advantage of that every time she can. She uses it by either telling him lies and stories or degrading his manhood. She persuades Macbeth to kill Duncan, or at least she pulls him further towards his darker place, which makes him think it’s a good idea to kill…show more content…
He also want to make sure that there’s no threat to his part of the prophecy to be fulfilled. And that is when Macbeth starts to get really evil and starts to plot against his friend Banquo, whom the whole time has been loyal to Macbeth even though he have had his doubts. This is when Macbeth forsure has become Banquo’s opposite, because even though Macbeth and Banquo may have had the same thoughts about the prophecies, Banquo didn’t act upon them as Macbeth did. And that decision is what makes and breaks the two characters and what makes the each others opposites or

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