Comparison Of Marriage In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the book Romeo and Juliet, we have learned that the opinions of marriage, are different among most people. Many parents have different opinions as well. Some are willing to give their son or daughter away at a really young age. Others are more sceptical about it. These parents want to keep care of their child for as long as they can. However, the attitudes of marriage is something that is interesting upon many. Throughout the story of Romeo and Juliet, we are shown the many options of marriage from many people including the parents of Romeo and Juliet. For example, the mother of Juliet, Lady Capulet, has push Juliet to think about getting married. Lady Capulet suggests that she is late on this path. In the story is proves this by stating “Tell me, daughter Juliet, How…show more content…
The book does not hide what she thinks of the idea. She was asked by her mother and she answer honestly. The example is, “How stands your disposition to be married? It is an honor that I dream not of” (Shakespeare 42). This shows that Juliet has not thought about marriage and honestly does not want to. She was also not scared to tell her own mother about it. You can tell that Juliet's opinion is very strong because she said that so openly to a person that feels the exact opposite. So as the book tells us Juliet is not for marriage. Romeo and Juliet and their parents all have different opinions on marriage. Two of them are ready to jump into a wedding ceremony. While the others are not too ready for that big commitment. However in this time, it was normal for all of the different opinions among people. It was also common for parents to decide when and who their child got to marry. It is easy to see that when you look at Juliet and her mother. Her mother is telling her to get a move on and get married, while Juliet thinks so little about marriage. So in all, the opinions of marriage in this book is very different depending on who you
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