Contemporary Caribbean Society

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Compare and contrast Weber and Marx’s views about the evolution of society, and say which if any best describe contemporary Caribbean society. As I ponder on the contributions made by these two great men Max weber and Karl Marx I am left overwhelmed. Flabbergasted by the wealth of knowledge they possessed and the contributions they made towards our understanding of the society we live in. They emphasized on various ideas and perceptions about the environment that is still relevant centuries later. Although the great saying says, “great minds think alike,” but great minds can share some differences too. In the quest to comprehend their perception on the evolution of society I will compare and contrast their views and highlight the one that…show more content…
However some of Karl Max views stand out clearly in my sight. In today’s contemporary Caribbean society I see Max’s capitalism view is evident. The production of material goods is still characterized by the same two keys features thus giving rise to the powerful and the powerless or those that have and those who don’t have. The proletariat continues to produce goods for the benefit of the bourgeoisie for very little wages. I can use myself and many other persons in my little Island as an example. Working in various sectors, the wage is below market value, the hours are long and the conditions are not favorable. Yet production maintains a profit and secure future investment for this dominant group in society. This unequal share of wealth comes with it unequal share of power and privileges. One can also see the rise of conflict. Conflict is evident between the bourgeoisies as they strive to obtain more. This is manifested in the buying and selling or closure of various establishments. Conflict is also visible in the proletariat who becomes hostile over possession, goals and values in an effort to change…show more content…
These views have contributed in the shaping and understanding of our society.

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