Comparison Of Mcdonald's Fast Food Corporation In The Philippines

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For a restaurant business that is all over the world, McDonald’s had very simple beginnings. This worldwide fast food brand began when Ray Krok bought a small burger joint owned by Dick and Mac McDonald. The first restaurant was opened in Illinois, where five years later, he was able to buy exclusive rights for the name “McDonald’s”. As of 2016, McDonald’s has branched out with 36,000 restaurants in 119 countries all over the world. Around 30 years after the first McDonald’s restaurant was established, George T. Yang brought the Golden Arches to Morayta, Manila and opened the very first McDonald’s restaurant in 1981, which still stands to this day. The fast food restaurant began their Philippine expansion in 1992, when stores were put up in Visayas and Mindanao. After 36 years of being in the Philippines, the McDonald’s Corporation of the Yang family is now a multibillion-Peso company with over 500 stores (McDonald’s Corporation). The rise to success of the Jollibee Food Corporation in the Philippines is very different from McDonald’s because they have always been a local business. The fast food restaurant, founded by Tony Tan and his family in 1975, began as just an ice cream parlor and later expanded to become the number one market leader for fast food in the Philippines. In three years, they had become a 100% Filipino-owned company with seven restaurants and their first flagship product, the Yumburger. More of Jollibee’s famous products were released in the next 10

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