Comparison Of Modern Society In Fahrenheit 451

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We would all most likely want to live in an ideal society also known as utopia, however, what does an ideal society actually mean to you? An ideal society would be the perfect society to live in. Everybody has their own views and ideas, so the idea of the perfect society may be different to other people, someone else 's idea of the perfect society may be considered a dystopian society to another person. The society in Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian society. A dystopian society is a society that the government controls the citizens with a variety of methods, our modern society is Utopian therefore it is not a dystopian society. Although our society may have some similarities to the society in Fahrenheit 451, our society is far from being the same as the Fahrenheit 451 society. Our modern society and Fahrenheit 451 may have some similarities, however, our modern society is not dystopian. In Fahrenheit 451 “ That was all there was to it, really. An hour of monologue, a poem, a comment, and then without even acknowledging the fact that Montag was a fireman, Faber with a certain trembling, wrote his address on a slip of paper. "For your file," he said, "in case you decide to be angry with me." The rules don’t even have to be enforced on the citizens in this novel. The rules are self-imposed this may be because the government controls the society with fear so the citizens are afraid of what might happen if they do not follow the rules. Our modern society is different from
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