Comparison Of Monarchy And Republics

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Why a Republic is Better Than a Monarchy during Peace Monarchy’s and Republics, two different types of Government that are still used to this day. Without a doubt some of the most powerful states used and still do use these government types. Although peace is something you may not always find in a Monarchy and Republics. Monarchy’s are better for smaller societies where actions can be put out fast and are very prestigious in warfare. Where Republics are usually slow and take a while to act defensive. Peace is harder to keep in a society that revolves around warfare and defense, hence why Republics are better. The main reasons Monarchy’s are rather trash at keeping peace is because of walls. If their walls are closed and no one is allowed in, there can’t be trade. Without trade a Monarchy would fall, they don 't have enough jobs and people to sustain themselves forever. When a Monarchy runs out of supplies, they are going to seek for some supplies. Usually, instead of trading or waiting and figuring out if they can get the supplies, they declare war on somebody else. Also, when you rule under one person, pretty much all of the final decisions are made by the Monarch, which can lead to revolt and corruption, which also breaks peace in a Monarchy. Republics allow the citizens to make the decisions for the state, citizens vote for who they want to be head of state. With the feeling of freedom and right to have whatever job you want, citizens won’t want to revolt a lot, if at all.…show more content…
Monarchies are ruled by the monarch, anything he says goes, no questions. This may also bring revolt and insecurity in the empire. The idea of ruling from one being is not a good idea, many have gone mad with power, one being making horses senator of
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