Comparison Of Montcalm And Adam Sandler

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Adam Sandler would be a great actor to represent Montcalm in a movie. Montcalm tends to be a very kind, traditional and intelligent guy and Adam Sandler shows similar character traits. For example, while Adam Sandler plays the role of ‘Henry Roth’ in 50 First Dates, he is overly kind when he meets Lucy. He goes out of his way to make a video for her to remember him and. Montcalm goes out of his way to make sure his army is well rested and fed before fighting and they both succeed. Montcalm and Adam Sandler are both very traditional. When Montcalm first became the Leader for the French, he was unaware of there fighting strategy and wanted to fight in Traditional Standard Line Formation. Adam Sandler is also traditional because in every movie
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