Comparison Of Morality In Hamlet

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The morality of murder stretches further than whether someone feels bad or not about their actions. Morality is what makes us human. It separates us from every other being in the world. Hamlet by Shakespeare exhibits many different types of mortality. It is not only in the story of Hamlet that the ethics of death are discussed but in the real lives of our soldiers that are fighting for our country. There are many similarities and differences that relates with a modern soldier lives to the lives of characters of hamlets. The comparisons and contrast of murder, honor and shame are apparent throughout the story of hamlet and the lives of modern soldiers.

Murder should never be an easy act from anyone to commit. People perceive and handle this type of premature passing away of a person in different ways. Army chief warrant officer, Perry Parks, said that when you think about taking a gun and shooting someone most people cannot do it (The Good Soldier). He then stated that initially it was very tough for him to do it. This compares to hamlet as he hesitates to commit this act. Hamlet 's hesitation while Claudius is in prayer is a prime example of his morality (Shakespeare 1459). As the story of hamlet continues, Hamlet commits the act of murder through his rage in his killing in Polonius (Shakespeare 1461). Army staff sergeant, Will Williams, as he described his experience in killing in the documentary as having hatred built up that blinded him (The Good Soldier). The modern
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