Comparison Of Nightlife In New York City And New York City

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How Nightlife In Spain Compares to that in New York City.
New York City is known to be United States’ commercial capital and the headquarters of the United Nation. The city is very attractive particularly at night. It has fancy restaurants, clubs and the streets are well lit giving a breath taking scenery that will live you mouth open. Despite the glamour, you are warned not to give to strangers detailed information about your origin, destination or even residents as some marauding gangsters will take advantage and rob you. If you are new be advised not to disclose information like your hotel room number to any Tom, Dick or Harry.
The bars and restaurants are vibrant and varied most of which are situated in the metropolitan area. Meatpacking District forms the centre of clubs and bars. It is located on the west of Manhattan and sandwiched between West Village and Chelsea. It got its name because it was once a home to warehouses and meat packing plants but currently it houses trendy boutiques, cool night spots and restaurants that include:
Employees Only- situated at 510 Hudson Street and serves high quality classic cocktails.
The mean fiddler new York city- it is situated on the 46th street between 7th and 8th avenue. It is an Irish sports bar that opens at 10 am for breakfast and has a minimum of 12 large screens showing rugby, soccer, golf and all American sports. It usually crowd as from 11pm when revelers stream in and the party begins with the DJ entertaining the crowd.

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