Comparison Of Nordstrom And Neiman Marcus

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Nordstrom’s store interior design has a traditional wood, elegant appearance and, at the same time, conventional. From the main entrance, people can appreciate the illuminated interior lights of Nordstrom with its picturesque windows placed on both sides of the door where they used to collocate inanimate mannequins dressed in the last attire of the season; a festive recreation to enhance consumerism or, Nordstrom’s’ magazines postcards. The retailer entrance is like a short tunnel, an abstract or geometric museum painting that magnetizes people to discover their merchandise variety. At the end of the entrance, in the form of the mini art exhibition tunnel, people can find an empty corridor of merchandise that give people a sensation, a wider and more orderly view of the store, which takes people to the heart of Nordstrom store, the stairs. …show more content…

Nevertheless, on each side of the aisle or corridor, people can appreciate the different fashion departments separated by brands or the products finality such as a home or makeup section. On the other hand, Neiman Marcus runs away from the traditional appearance. Even though Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus retailers had the same basic store structure, the differences are noticeably visible in the costumers’ ayes. Entering into Neiman Marcus, customers have the feeling of having found a high-class store. This sensation makes Nordstrom rank as a store for people with an average purchasing power. Meaning, people of upper middle

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