Comparison Of Piaget's Theory

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Write a three to five page APA formatted research paper: Compare Piaget’s use of concrete and formal operations and Maslow’s use of concrete and abstract thought are they similar? How are they different? Are there value judgments inherent in either view? How do these perceptions of concrete and abstract thinking match the mouse’s experience in the excerpt from The Sacred Tree? Piaget’s theory is based on assisting others until they can help themselves. Piaget goal is to help children learn so that they can become successful as they reach adulthood. Children learn as they experience different things in their environment. This includes playing with toys and using objects that helps them physically. For example, a child who enjoys drawing could…show more content…
Much of middle school curricula requires students to engage in formal operational cognitive processes, even though most students seldom reach the levels of understanding that teachers might expect in each subject area” ( Maslow have five different stages in his prevention theory. These stages include self-actualization, Cognitive needs, Respect and esteem needs, belongingness and love needs, and safety needs. Piaget’s theory explains how children develop in stages. Piaget’s has four stages of development. Piaget and Maslow theories both includes cognitive needs. Cognitive needs are could be giving something a try even when there is a chance at failure. For example, the child tried to walk down the stairs even after falling several times. This child is trying to learn. This is how Piaget’s and Maslow’s theories are…show more content…
In Maslow’s theory involves “perceiving all aspects of an object as unique and completely disconnected from any other system of ideas” (Hogan, Gabrielsen, Luna & Grothaus, 2003 p.127). In the story it talk about how a mouse was surprised by an owl because it was busy gathering seeds. This is might like Maslow theory of collection all the information without any interruptions. Maslow and Piaget is based on human development. Children go through different stage before they reach the last level of Piaget’s theory. Human development requires a safe and secure place to live. People need different things to survive. They need to feel accepted by others. These needs also include recognition and approval from
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