Comparison Of Pinky And The Brain

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Pinky and the Brain, two lab mice bent on taking over the world. Brain is the egocentric mouse, full of schemes for world domination. While Pinky is the open-minded and seemingly foolish mouse, always looking for gratification. They may have the same desires, but their differences lie in their methods of execution. Although they appear as allies their ideals often put them at odds. Much like today’s two dominate political parties, the Democrats and Republicans. One could compare the hard-headed Brain to the Republican party and the good-natured Pinky to the Democratic party. Their views in matters of gun control, taxes, and climate change are polar opposites. Brain will stubbornly charge head first with no consideration for facts or the opinions of others, just like Republicans. Pinky will try and fail to appease all sides to avoid conflict, just like the Democrats.
As Brain has previously stated, “I 'd like to thank all the little people I stepped on to get where I am today.” Republicans also take a similar stance when
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In an episode, Pinky wins the presidency and Brain immediately tries to manipulate him. Pinky opposed all of Brain’s idea and limits him. He restricts his use of weapons as do the Democrats. They believe that Americans should be allowed guns but have implemented laws with restrictions to their weapons. Pinky also states in the episode that as president he will follow the Democra values and the constitution. The Democrats believe in tax reduction but not at the expense of the lower and middle class. They also believe in climate change and are effectively trying to promote alternatives that will reduce the damage done to the planet. In the end, much like the Democrats, Pinky realized that in trying to please everyone no one would be happy. As with Brain, the parallels between pinky and the Democrats are
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