Comparison Of Pop Music In The 1960s

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To start with, the definition for the word ‘pop’ is - the abriviation for the word ‘popular ' -the adjective Popular definition is intended for or suited to the taste, understanding, or means of the general public rather than specialists or intellectuals. in the 1960s the phrase pop ' had generated a lot of attention all over the media the word 'pop ' was being used often and the new pop chart shows were taking place. From the phrase 'pop ' stemed music, fashion , art as a subtitle for in in the 1960s a new wave had over taken. pop art. My initial thoughts about the word pop’ sparked thought in me straight away i started thinking about colours and how the word pop could best describe the colours. Wen looking at andy wahrol pop art work i definitely could see a similarities between pop art and opt art and how the phrase pop’ could well describe colour or patten. however in the 60’s is when a platform to share and show case pop’ music was created. it became popular because it was allowed to to reach enough listeners for that group decisions to be made. opt art in the 1960s was the fact its a new wave thats had over taken. pop art. my initial thoughts about the word pop drew me straight to colour, wen looking and andy wahrol pop art work i definitely could see similarities between his work and the 1960s in the 1960 's in the form of Op art and Pop art the union of creatives started. Pop art and Op art were separate art movements but the public mixed them, much to the
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