Comparison Of RSPCA And Apple

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In this report, I will describe two different businesses, which are RSPCA and Apple. The aim of this report would be the comparison between a private and public sector, the marketing techniques and limitations of marketing used in these organisations.
Marketing is all about promoting the business and showing what it has to offer. Marketing is linked to sales as if the marketing procedure is successful then it can lead to more sales that can help the business to become more profitable and well known. Marketing is important because if there were no marketing then customers would not be aware of the services or products, which businesses offer. It also includes 4P’s, which are Place, Price, Promotions and Product. Marketing aims to do is to spread the word to potential customers to turn them into paying …show more content…

This means getting the price so the customer is satisfied with the price and then will go out and buy the product and distributing the brand to the right location using appropriate method to do so.
There are four different types of market concepts, which are involved in marketing. Marketing concept is when businesses aims, is accomplished through customer’s fulfilment on their needs and wants. Production concept is when the business finds the cheapest way to produce a product. This is when consumers favour products that are available and affordable. Product concept is when the quality of the product is premium, performance and features. Sales concept is when businesses sell products or services and it would manufacture goods that are profitable when selling using marketing techniques.

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