Comparison Of Richard Nixon And Lyndon B. Nixon

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Kejsi Hazizaj 11th June 2014 US History II Final Word Count: 1378 Richard M. Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson were the 36th and 37th consecutive presidents of the United States. Their tenures were during one of the stormiest times for the US foreign policy. Both were put in front of the hardships that came with the decisions they made in regards to the Vietnam War issue. They faced various social strife and many tensions on deciding whether or not to continue the war. Even though they both dealt with similar affairs, their “game plans” and resolutions were quite different. Moreover, despite them being very diverse in essence, their one common attribute was that they wanted to prove themselves to be great and very able men. The goal that they both shared was the one of unifying and building up towards a grand United States. Despite the fact that they dealt with many common issues, their strategies alongside the start and end of their tenures was very different. Both Johnson and Nixon had not been predisposed to the wealth and goods some of their predecessors had been. Johnson, in contrast to his predecessor JFK, practiced different beliefs, lifestyle, culture and nurture. He was born and raised in Texas, where he was raised in a very prudent and simple life. His father was a strong authoritarian figure, who passed on his autocratic traits to his son and his future political patterns. Even though his background was of a much simplistic nature, he grew up to have the talent of

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