Comparison Of Rosa Parks

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When a person hears the word, “Hero,” somebody that has impacted the life of a person in any part of way or another comes to mind. Someone that has a special place in a person’s heart counts as a hero, not any ordinary person. An African American by the name of Rosa Parks has that special effect on a numberless amount of people. Rosa Parks stood up for separation on December 1, 1955, when she did not give up her seat on a city bus. Rosa believed everyone had the right to sit where they wanted on the city bus, and whites do not have more rights than blacks. Not everyone has just one hero, Saint Anne has that special place in others hearts as well. Saint Anne gave birth to Mary, who then gave birth to Jesus. She helped raise Jesus to love others no matter what, and to care and respect others. Rosa Parks and Saint Anne both have the determination, bravery, and leadership that every hero has. Every hero starts by doing one small act that changes theirs along with others life forever.
All heroes have a purpose that everyone can learn from. A hero’s determination will get into people 's hearts. Rosa Parks determination showed others that civil rights matter and that African Americans need to take a stand and show that they matter in life. Johnnie Carr, one of Rosa Parks best friends, along with a civil right activist, would only say extraordinary things about Rosa. Johnnie Carr would tell everybody every single day the determination of Rosa Parks because they both
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