Comparison Of Saving Private Ryan And The Lucky One

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The movie Saving Private Ryan directed by Steven Spielberg and the movie The Lucky One directed by Scott Hicks are both movies about war. Saving Private Ryan is an action movie, while on the other and the movie The Lucky One is a drama movie. Saving Private Ryan and The Lucky One are both movies that have factors that make them good movies. Saving Private Ryan is a movie that came out in 1998. The movie is based on a true story. The movie takes place during World War II. Saving Private Ryan tells the story of a family that has all their sons fighting in the war, all the sons except for one die in combat. The army sets out a unit to find Private Ryan. This unit has to face the struggles of war and risk their own lives to find…show more content…
One thing that makes this movie a great movie is that when Sergeant Logan is in Iraq he is using the picture for his motivation to keep fighting and find the owner of the picture. This makes this movie relatable do to the fact a lot of soldiers use pictures of their families for there motivation to do whatever it takes to get back home. Another reason that the movie The Lucky One is a good movie is that when Sergeant Logan returns home to his sister’s house he had a hard time adjusting back to civilian life. One way Sergeant Logan had a hard time adapting back is when his nephews are playing video games that involve shootings this triggers Sergeant Logan to have flashback to Iraq. Another example of Sergeant Logan having a hard time adjusting is when his nephews come in to his room to wake him up and this scares Logan hand he starts to attack his nephew for a few second until he relies that it his nephew. This is very relatable for millions of soldiers that return home from being deployed. Also, that fact that Sergeant Logan had symptoms of P.T.S.D. makes it easier for people who have it who are affected by this diseases easier to relate to the movie. Another part of the movie that shows that Sergeant Logan might have P.T.S.D. is when he walks everywhere with his dog and the fact that his dog is his only friend for pretty much the whole movie. This shows that Sergeant Logan could have a hard…show more content…
One reason that this movie is not a great movie is because the movie implies that all cops are abusers to their spouses. The movie porters that a majority of cops are abusers and stalkers toward their current or former spouses. In the movie it show how Beth’s ex-husband Keith tries to control every aspect of her life. Keith threats several times that he will take their child (Ben) away from Beth and that there is no judge in the county that will disagree with him. Keith makes this threat more and more as Beth and her child spend more time with Logan. This movie is not so good because it portras that a lot of people will go a do what ever it takes to make someone else miserable. This is shown when Keith uses his power as a police officer to try to make it so Logan and Beth are not together. Keith has one of his fellow cops inturpt Beth and Logan when Beth brings Logan home in her truck. Another reason why this movie is not so good is because the movie shows that everyone who comes back form war suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and do not seek and help. While a lot of soldier’s come back form war do suffer from this a majority of them do eventually go and get help for this. In the movie The Lucky One this is shown several times in the movie, one time is when Logan came home from his third tour in Iraq and goes to his sister’s house. When his nephew

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