Kut And Chicken George Character Analysis

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Siblings can look exactly alike and have the same personalities, but everyone is a little different take Kunta Kinte and Chicken George for example. Kunta Kinte and Chicken George while being from the same heritage have wildly different perspectives on America. In Roots, by Alex Haley, Kunta Kinte and his grandson Chicken George ,despite never having met are very similar, but because of this divide they have different views and different lives. Because of this they are the perfect characters to compare and contrast.
Kunta Kinte and Chicken George’s personalities are extremely similar. Starting off simple they are both the first-born boys in their family. Kunta being the first-born and George being Kizzy’s first-born. More personality wise from the beginning any job they gave Kunta he takes incredibly seriously. When he goes off to a camp he tries to become the best warrior there can be “Kunta’s legs soon began to hurt- but not as soon or as badly they would have if he had not learned the manner of loose striding taught him by his father on their trip to the village of Janneh and Saloum. It pleased him to think that the other boy’s legs were hurting more than his” (pg. 120). The quote shows how even before this stage on his life his father has been training him and he is determined to do good by his father. This is similar tooo George when he finds his love for cockfighting. He becomes so immersed into it, Uncle Mingo takes him under his wing George being as determined as he is begins to excel at it. Then later in George’s life he developes the same love for family as Kunta has. Kunta would stop at nothing to protect Bell and Kizzy always looking out for them. George in the beginning of his
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George and Kunta would always put their family first, but they had different views on doing
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