Comparison Of Snowpiercer And 1984

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Also, another interesting similarity is seen with how the people look up to their leader in their societies. In 1984, people see Big Brother as someone who is doing the right thing. Big Brother is seen to be a “saviour” in the eyes of many people in 1984 (Orwell, 2008, p. 18). Then in Snowpiercer, the rebels are constantly told the idea that Wilford is a “benevolent and merciful” leader and they should be thankful for what he has done for them (Park & Bong, 2013). In both cases, the leaders seemed to be held in high esteem for the people that are occupying well off positions within that society. People in the lowest classes don’t seem to hold the same opinion for their leaders and are seen to not trust the government as easily (Orwell, 2008, p. 86; Park & Bong, 2013). Since these groups of people would not always conform with the rest of society, the governments would need to find another way to control their behaviour. The film also has similar features to “The Machine Stops” as they both feature humanity depending on a machine that provides them with everything they need in order to survive. It also protects them from the outside environment that is deemed “unlivable”. Additionally, while the train in Snowpiercer doesn’t fall to the same fate as the machine in “The Machine Stops”, both works do include the machines that the humans relied on to be slowly malfunctioning over time (Park & Bong, 2013; Forster, n.d.). This is seen in Snowpiercer when Wilford explains
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