Special Education

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Comparison of special education provision in other neighbour countries shows similar trends for example in India, UNICEF's(2013)report on,” the status of disability in India 2000 states”, point out that there are approximately more than 30 million disabled children in India. The enrolment level in general education is high up to 90 % but in special education is very low i.e. 5% in schools. Government and NGOs are initiating a new strategical plan for inclusive and segregated special education. These include improving policy guidelines, improving practices, introducing on job teacher training programs, and recruit special teachers. In the past few years got. and private sector shows greater concern and increased awareness towards these children. …show more content…

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) demands equal rights for disabled children in education, society personal well-being and independent living so to enjoy a decent life, according to UN standard. The educational Declaration (1994) (CR UNICEF'(2013) favours inclusive settings in regular classrooms and pinpoint it effectiveness in safeguarding the right to education children with special educational needs. The inclusion process of including children with disabilities in mainstream classes is important as in this way more special children could be educated with less HR requirement and less spending of funds it is a recommended method for providing education throughout the world for the majority of children with …show more content…

Organisation and locally oriented both top-down and bottom-top approaches in community progress and development are related in case got. Special schools so improve work efficiency. Hence the mixed approach is more advice cable in place of both extremes of top down or bottom up programme (Alphonso’s O. Isiah o • Mohammad Shatter B. Sabin,2016 ) Thus effectiveness and better result of private special schools may be because these are local and has roots in local community understand the needs of parents and special children and could arrange charities donations and HR support also could get funds from private NGOs and Govt. organizations i.e. Punjab special education organization budget or from user and zakat department got organization run from top to bottom has to fix rule and standards to implicate do not monitor by community directly comparison of special education services of Pakistan with few neighbors and developed

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