Comparison Of Spencer Tracy's Life And Work

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Biographical essay of Spencer Tracy of the 1920’s and the 1930’s Spencer Tracy was born on April 5th 1900 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some people called him Spence or Pops, Spencer Tracy had a mom and dad named John Tracy, and Caroline Brown Tracy. He had a older brother named Carroll Tracy he was four years older than Spencer Tracy. [2 He was always getting in trouble with the school because he kept skipping school]. His education was taken at Marquette academy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but he left and went to enlist in the navy at the start of World War 1. But by the time he got ready to fight in World War 1 it had just ended. After he got back from the war he got his high school diploma. Then he went to Ripon College where he was planning on studying medicine but when he was in a play there…show more content…
He was the main male character and after that he then decided he wanted to get into acting as a career instead of medicine. After that he went to New York and got an apartment with his best friend O 'brien and attended the academy of Dramatic Arts. They both got none speaking parts as robots in R. U. R. written By Kavel Capek. In 1923 He married louise Treadmill they lived in hollywood located at Los angeles california . They had two kids named John and Susan Tracy. Spencer supported himself with little jobs like bellhop, janitor, and salesmen for money. He won two oscars in a row for captain courageous he was one of the 9 to win 2 in a row in 1937. [1 One thing that helped him win these awards was he could actually seem like the character he is playing as is him.] In 1930 Spencer Tracy was in a play called The Last Mile it was a broadway drama and he was playing as a convicted killer. He gave a star making performance in the play The Last Mile [3 it was his first big hit play it even wowed John
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