Comparison Of Stasasiland And 1984

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Stasiland (2002) is a non-fiction journalistic text written by Anna Funder whereas, in 1984 (1949) written by George Orwell is a dystopian novel. Both texts look at how oppression works and what they have in common is the oppression of individualities. Anne funder is looking at what really happened, yet it is still horrific however, Orwell takes it to an extreme because it’s a novel. In addition to this, in Stasiland people’s privacy and freedom is being invaded because of the uncontrollable power that the Stasi holds. This is the same with 1984, Big Brother and how they would watch everything that happens to every single individual so they’re not going against the country. Stasiland examines at the post war operations of the German Stasi after the war. It is written by Anna Funder who is an Australian journalist. Both George Orwell and Anna Funder are outsiders from liberal democracies. Neither of these authors has any experience of oppressive regimes but both feel morally outraged by the Stasi and Stalin’s rule. Orwell is inspired by Stalin using the USSR. Post war Germany had the Stasi to make sure it remains a communist country and not get influenced by capitalism. The third person limited narrative favouring the point of view of Winston the protagonist. On the other hand, Funder who has a first-person narrative, but Funder’s text is polyvocal because she uses a lot of direct speech from her interviewees and she has narrative commentary which influences the perspective
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