Comparison Of Stray And The Maze Runner

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It might seem like “Stray” and “The Maze Runner” are two very different books, because one is about a girl who’s dog has to be taken away, and one is about a boy who is locked up in a maze, but once you look closer you can tell that both stories have a bit in common. In these stories, The characters realize you have to be brave to make it through tough times. First of all, in “Stray”, Doris has to stay brave. Doris doesn’t get to keep her dog so they have to bring it to the pound. She had to stay brave and that was really hard because she always wanted a dog and it just walked out of her reach. In addition she was always begging to keep the dog, but her parents kept on saying no. This demonstrates that Doris had to be brave. Secondly,
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