Comparison Of The American Dream In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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Throughout the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller we see first hand what the thought of the American dream can do to a hard working man such as Willy Loman. Craig L. Thomas once said that “You stuff someone into the American Dream, and it becomes a prison.” What he means is that sometimes when people work hard and stay determined they don’t always end up on the wealthy side, and Death of a Salesman displays just that. Willy worked hard all his life and was determined to provide for his family. After a few years of working hard however, he starts to run into some economic struggles. In the beginning of the play wee see Willy’s sons, Biff and Happy, on the same path as their father. Towards the end of the play however, we can grasp the fact that Biff is not on the same road as Happy and Willy. Through many events in the play Biff realized that not only did Willy have his dream backwards but he too was trying to pursue something he didn 't appreciate. The play, Death of a Salesman, is directly related to the quote “You stuff someone into the American Dream, and it becomes a prison” said by Craig L. Thomas. Willy Loman is the best example for someone being stuck in the so called American dream prison. All his life he had the same big dream of becoming rich but never gotten anywhere. He makes the same salary as he did when he was younger and now that Biff and Happy are older he wants them to reach his dream. When Biff comes home out of work Willy immediately tries to
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