Comparison Of The Bahamian Family In 'The Glass Menagerie'

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The Glass Menagerie is compared to Bahamian through social similarity. Throughout the play, each character displayed certain personalities; from the mother, Amanda, came drama, expectations, strictness, and verbal conflict, just how Bahamian parents are. During the play she forced her daughter into certain behaviors to have the same clout as she so has with her “seventeen gentlemen callers”. Tom is a common case within Bahamian society, whereas he is now the man of the house (due to the fact that their father left), who other than his mom is working day to day to survive and support his family. Laura Wingfield is a slight cripple with anxiety issues and because of her physical disabilities she lives in a world of her records and glass animals; retreating emotionally and mentally from the real world. Jim O’Conner is the outsider that brings a little bit of the common world into the Wingfield’s house every time he visits. He is the ‘embodiment of blessings and curses’ that in some Bahamian families would already consider him part of the family, being as a friend of one, to bring such blessings to them or the curse that has been latched on.
The Parenting Aspect; Amanda was or felt like a typical Bahamian parent: dramatic, overbearing, tense, rowdy and a small portion of prejudice. She believes she knows what’s best for her children and tries to control then throughout the play, “Honey, don 't push with your fingers. If you have to push with something, the thing to push with is

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