Comparison Of The Deaf Role Model

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Deaf role models all have significance and meaning in their life and career. Interesting comparisons can be made through each individual character. These comparisons will be made between Dummy Hoy, Rocky Stone, and Lance Allred.
Education in the early years for William Ellsworth Hoy (Dummy) included going to a school for the Deaf at Oregon and even becoming the valedictorian for his graduating class. At the age of three, William got meningitis leaving him deaf and mute. Dummy did sign because of his deafness, but not all that often. Hoy was a major league baseball player and that means being apart of a team. Baseball as a sport deals with many hand signals being exchanged between teammates and coaches. Minimal ASL was taught for confusing moments in the game advancing the exchange of signals, helping not only Dummy, but his team as a whole. The sports star had a great effect on the deaf community helping others like him after he retired in his professional career. Hoy was credited for inventing baseball hand signals two years after his retirement allowing easier play for the deaf.
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He worked at young age to support his family and lost his hearing due to an explosion while at war. Stone was well educated and attended the University of Southern California earning a degree in international affairs. He was affiliated with both the deaf and hearing worlds and considered himself hearing for the first nineteen years of his life. Rocky understood both perspectives of the deaf and hearing worlds impacting them in positive way. He worked on many committees helping to provide deaf people with full unrestricted access to
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