Social Darwinism Vs Eugenics

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The scope of Darwinism is centered on the basis that evolution is brought about by the distinctive survival of only the superior individuals in a general pool. As a result of this, different strata or classes are mandatory in a species. With time, the space between the different strata is great enough to the extent that the superior class is granted advantages over the inferior class. This changes brought about by the Darwinism movement brought about the rise of a new movement called the Eugenics Movement and Social Darwinism. Eugenics is centered on the fact that man should control his own evolution process, and this is brought about by the state deciding who is granted the right or ability to procreate. This basis also means the state decides which member of the species should lie and which members should die. Social Darwinism, coined in the later part of the 19th century, describes the idea that all humans are mandated to compete in a never ending struggle for existence and relevance. This struggle is determined or controlled by a natural selection process. It originated in Britain and was associated most with by the Englishman Herbert Spencer. He coined the popular phrase associated with Darwinism, “survival of the fittest”, to describe what happens in the aftermath of the struggle between the different…show more content…
immigration policy. Government figures including politicians and civic leaders created laws that limited immigration policies to benefit only people that were termed “desirable”. The obvious intersection of the generally accepted scientific theory on heredity, the mandatory tendency of most progressive reformers to control their surrounding environment, the inherent popularity of available nativist groups, and hardship faced by the immigrant laborers created the perfect conditions to bring about the changing of immigration policy and attitudes during the early years of the twentieth
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