Comparison Of The Four Presidents Roosevelt, Eisenhower, And Johnson's Presidency

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I would rank the four presidents below Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, and Johnson probably in the also ran category. Each had the opportunities to place the United States in a better position than it currently is. George H. Bush, presided over the first Savings and Loan crisis and failed to encourage congress to act in restoring some regulations which were removed to remove inflation and help the economy. His actions during Desert Storm gives him validity as a president willing to take action; however, there are a few issues that come with this. First the military’s success in Kuwait belongs more to the Reagan administration’s policies, the capabilities training and force expansion was all accomplished during his presidency. Next is the drawdown after the war President Bush decided to cut the military, but did not engage leaders of other countries to assist in filling the gaps that the drawdown created, essentially the military was still responsible for large mission but with less manpower. Reliance on technology, the technological advances from the previous decade gave Bush and his successors…show more content…
I believe that the US has done a relatively decent job the forward thinking of presidents like Nixon, Truman, Roosevelt and Johnson cemented the US position on the global stage. However the inability to stop the takeover of the Defense industry and industrial influence in our political system as Eisenhower warned is troublesome. I believe that the shorted sightedness of our leaders led to deregulation that benefited the leaders of industry and that will only get worse as the expansion of US industries into third world countries, this expansion will give each country a small say in policies as presidential candidates are financed by industry leaders. Thus preventing elected leaders from implementing regulation that will control or prevent global economic crisis or military engagements in order to protect industrial interests in foreign
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