Comparison Of The Heros Journey In Homer's 'Odyssey'

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Joseph Campbell, the discoverer of the hero 's journey, explicates how all the adventures and stories of heroes’, within every culture, follow the same idea and similar stages. The hero’s journey follows the basis of the hero setting out for departure, encountering a crisis, most commonly resulting in a victory, and returning home changed or transformed, having to adapt to their new perception of the world. The Odyssey, written by Homer, follows the journey of Odysseus on his effort to return home. Odysseus begins his adventure by setting off to Troy to engage, with the Greeks, in the Trojan War, and when the war is won, he faces difficulty making his way back home to Ithaca and his family. Similarly, T’Challa, hero of Wakanda, also so known as black panther, experiences challenges with defending his throne and nation from an outsider …show more content…

The hero’s journey is demonstrated through the struggles both heros experience leaving their homes and finding their way back, having a new status quo. Throughout their hero 's’ journey, both Odysseus and T’Challa strive to fulfill their duties as both heroes and leaders, overcoming obstacles no matter how difficult.

Although the voyage to the land of the dead for Odysseus and T’Challa occur in different scenes of the hero 's journey, they compare in a sense of having the intent to rise a soul from the dead for guidance. Essentially, Odysseus makes his way to the land of the dead to resurrect a blind prophet, Tiresias, to receive guidance on his adventure home. In order to bring Tiresias back to life, Odysseus would have to perform a ritual and sacrifice a sheep. After the ritual was performed, Tiresias was once again alive and affirmed, “...anguish lies

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