Comparison Of The Holocaust And The Cambodian Genocide

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A genocide is the the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation, the Holocaust and the Cambodian Genocide are examples of this. After the Holocaust, in 1945 the United Nations realized that genocides were a continuously happening. They realized they needed to prevent genocides and global conflict in general.
The Holocaust began on January 30, 1933 when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany and ended May 8, 1945 when the war officially ended. During this time 6,000,000 Jews were killed, not by war, but rather at the hands of Germany. Hitler believed that Jews were an inferior race and was a threat to German purity. After years of being mistreated Hitler had a plan called the Final Solution, which was the attempt to extinct the entire Jewish Population. Germany would accomplish this by concentration camps that were set up in Poland.
The Khmer Rouge was a revolutionary group who wanted to reconstruct Cambodian society. On April 17, 1975 the Khmer Rouge attacked the capitol Phnom Penh. As soon as the Khmer Rouge got to the capitol they started to force the people to leave all their possessions and march to the rural part of Cambodia. “Hospital patients
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They also shut down factories, schools, universities, hospitals, and all other private institutions because the Khmer Rouge considered it western advances. The Khmer Rouge also killed different The Khmer Rouge killed approximately one and a half to three million Cambodians lost their lives at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. On July 25, 1983, the Research Committee on Pol Pot’s Genocidal Regime issued its final report, including detailed province-by-province data. The data showed that the number of deaths was 3,314,768. About 25 percent of the population died because of the Khmer Rouge idea of relocating the people to
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