The Junky's Christmas Film Analysis

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When comparing a short story to the film that was inspired by it, it is important to be able to draw comparisons to be able to evaluate the story. In the short story, “The Junky’s Christmas” and the inspired film, The Junky’s Christmas, many things are kept similar such as the story being narrated the exact same from the original short story. One scene stands out when drawing comparisons. It shows the audience the main character’s facial expressions and multiple different shots of the scenery in which the story takes place to put the audience within the story. Danny, the protagonist, needs to find a way to get drugs and this alone can hint at the whole plot of the story. In the short story of “The Junky’s Christmas,” Danny the Car Wiper, is a drug addict with a junk sickness. In one scene we can see his desperation for drugs is insatiable. Danny is walking along the street thinking about what he could do to get a fix. As he is walking, he notices a good leather suitcase sitting out on the sidewalk with no owner in sight. Danny first looks around, then pats his pockets to make it look like he is looking for a pack of cigarettes, and takes the suitcase. He walks away quickly around the corner before anyone sees him. Danny goes to Morningside Park and opens the suitcase and finds a woman’s…show more content…
When you read a short story and see the film that was inspired from that story, it is imperative to be able to see differences and identify strengths in each piece. “The Junky’s Christmas” story was strong in using descriptive words to show the main characters’ emotions and what is happening throughout the story. The Junky’s Christmas film does different shots well to give the audience a sense of scenery and mood. Both short film and short story are strong in their own ways; it is up to the viewer to decide for themselves if he/she will like one of them or
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