Most Dangerous Game Vs High Noon Analysis

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Trying to compare something that has nothing in common, it is not easy. Surprisingly, the end product can show you unique similarities. For example, the classic book called “The Most Dangerous Game” is about a man who loves to hunt, meets a another man who shares the same interest. Later on, Sanger Rainsford finds out the other man known as, General Zaroff, loves to hunt humans as a game, and Rainsford realizes he is next to be hunted. Another classic movie called High Noon is a western film about a marshal named Will Kane who is trying to save his town from Frank Mitchell and his gang, who are after him. When comparing two completely different subjects, it can help find unique similarities. Also, comparing and contrasting can help understanding the book or movie better. In the one particular classic movie High Noon and the other classic book “The Most Dangerous Game” have many differences and similarities starting from the characters, antagonist,…show more content…
Characters in book and movie are expressed in a way where they are brave and confident for what they believe in, but Rainsford shows how he is against General Zaroff by addressing his game as murder, and Kane tells his bride he does not run away from his problems. Having an antagonist in each of the stories show how evil they both can be, but in “The Most Dangerous Game” General Zaroff is more discreet about his game, and in High Noon Frank Mitchell wants everyone to know he is coming to get his revenge on Kane. The setting has the same idea with Rainsford and Kane being deserted and left alone, but it is different because Rainsford is stranded on an island with few people, and Kane is in a town filled with townspeople. For the most part, “The Most Dangerous Game” and High Noon have just as much similarities as differences even if they have nothing in common when you first see or read
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