How Is Nick Carraway Portrayed In The Great Gatsby

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The great American novel, The Great Gatsby by Scott F. Fitzgerald was brought to a big screen by director Baz Luhrmann, famous for Moulin Rouge and several other movies. The Great Gatsby perfectly portrays Fitzgerald’s critique of the American society in the 1920’s and also brings us the story of Jay Gatsby, who is putting in all of his effort to retrieve the memory of his love from the past. It follows Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) who left Mid West and came to New York City in 1922. This was an era of rising stocks and loose moral. Nick, however, chasing his own American dream ends up drawn into this world of mystery, corruption and impossible love. Trying to fit into this whole new universe, somehow he gets more and more entangled…show more content…
Nick get 's invited to his neighbor 's house for an extravagant party and he is instantly hooked and drawn into a plot carefully orchestrated by Gatsby in an attempt to lure Daisy back into his life. We will later discover that Gatsby left nothing to chance and that he had spent years planning for his return into Daisy 's life, hoping that he can win her back, earn her affection and dazzle her with his newly acquired wealth, charms and impeccable manners. He even bought a luxurious villa right across the pond from her home, where he spends time observing her through a spyglass. And, his plan seems to be working for a while; his wild, spare - no - expense, lavish parties and his mysterious demeanor seem to swoon Daisy who is unhappy with her philandering husband. His love for Daisy is obsessive and over barring, his hopes unrealistic and his attentions become a burden. On the other hand, her will is weak, her heart uncertain and her life too complicated. Their story, as can be foreseen, ends badly; Gatsby takes the blame for a crime Daisy unwittingly commits, with hope that this unselfish act of sacrifice will finally earn him her love, but instead he ends up…show more content…
Leonardo DiCaprio perfectly portrayed the "man full of hope” as Nick describes Gatsby in one of his narrations. He makes the role comprehensible and somehow closer to the audience. In the beginning, Gatsby is an omniscient man, making one think that he can see through people and DiCaprio delightfully played this with a certain amount of mystery and vulnerability. One could say this is the best performance by DiCaprio, if not iconic to be precise. When it comes to Daisy, no one could have played her better than Carey Mulligan, who looks bewitching rather than strictly beautiful. She portrays that picture of golden woman, fragile and never really certain what she wants. Tobey Maguire played his role of Nick in the best way possible. There is something so deep and sad about his character, some sense of mystery that intrigues watchers to keep up with his
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