Comparison Of The Office Vs. Parks And Recreation

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The Office versus Parks and Recreation Two documentaries in two parallel universes can make for lots of similarities, and also differences. Both of these shows are comedies, which means they are meant to be funny. Many people would argue to say that they are hilarious. These shows compare and contrast in these three ways: characters, plot, and sense of humor. These shows have similar characters in many ways. Michael Scott, the main character in The Office, and Lesley Knope in Parks and Rec. are very similar. They are both very character. They both have kind hearts, but get on the nerves of those around them. They both hold higher positions than the rest of the characters. One difference is gender. Michael is a boy, and Lesley a girl. Michael is a manager at a paper company, Dunder Mifflin. Lesley is the head of the parks department in a town called Pawnee. The smaller characters are also similar. They have similar wit, and they don’t tend to take their boss seriously. However, each character as their own personality, making them different from the rest.…show more content…
Both of these shows are “documentaries” though they are planned by script writers, and performed by actors. In both of these, the boss will usually do something wrong, and the other characters will have to do a lot of work to fix their mistake. It may be the other way around, the other characters will make a mistake and the boss will have to help fix it. As for the overall plot, Parks and Rec. is based on trying to make the Pawnee community a better place, and The Office is about trying to keep their small paper company alive and

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