Comparison Of Three Fishermen And The Summer

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Art has an important role in human life and it has an important meaning in day-to-day human life to influence the importance of the world’s beauty, nature, and art pieces. As humans, one of the most things we take for granted is our ability to see things or have a sensual feeling towards something we feel attracted to for example when we see an artwork, or a rose, or even when we see the sun set. This paper will look at two incredible artworks the Three Fishermen and the Summer, produced by Scott Fraser and Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We will critically examine two respective artists on their artwork and find their differences and similarities of their use of elements, principles of their design, and medium in their artwork so that people can gain…show more content…
The three fishermen, and the summer are both an incredible art piece both artists use different types of designs to create their work by placing balance, unity, and rhythm to send a message and to grasp the viewer 's attention. To create a sense of visual stability in the three fishermen painting Fraser uses both radial and asymmetrical balance which is a type of formal balance each object in the painting leading towards the center point. For example, the oddest thing about the painting is that a green fish lays in the center of the of the painting on the red chair, as if the fish has fallen out from the painting of the three fishermen which is hanging above the actual painting which depicts the radial balance in painting (Art Pulse History). Furthermore, Fraser 's ability to create movement in his work is incredible. According to Art history, a movement is how the viewer 's eye moves across an art piece. In the three fishermen painting, we see how the green fish on the red armchair, the broom, and the painting above the red armchair brings an excitement or an enthusiasm to the viewers by directing our eyes throughout the art plane. Even though, Fraser uses balance and movement to arrange and organize the elements of design in his artwork Arcimbodldo uses different types of the principle of design to express the content of his work and to send a message through the artwork. For instance, Unity and variety are used in the summer painting. We see Arcimbodldo using different types of fruits in a form of different colors, shapes, values, and textures to achieve variety in his work. In addition, Arcimbodldo does a great job of making everything fit together which makes the viewer feel like they are part of the work. Arcimbodldo places his materials and textures in a proximity form so that each fruit and vegetables are grouped together to form a

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